Message From the Chairman

( Sanjay Singh, Managing Director )

Dear Parents,
Its our pleasure to welcome you and your children in St. Xavier’s World School, Pattinarendrapur. This is an institution that seeks to promote effective learning in a meaningful and joyful way. We believe that children are the potential resources of our country and we can convert them into the actual resources through proper education and training. Thus our institution gives focus on the Traditional claims over the validity of knowledge as well as the modern process of knowledge creation. The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Pattern is being followed by our school where we give focus on the overall development of the students. Our School provides experienced faculties from where the can students get proper guidance in all spheres of their life.

Anant Academic Welfare Society

Welcome to St. Xavier’s World School, Foundation for a better future.We understand that choosing a school for a child is not an easy decision. Because school is a place where a small plant of knowledge gets proper nourishment and it becomes a huge tree of intellectual excellence. In St. Xavier’s World School we give commitments to the parents that we will motivate and empower their children with the light of education as well as will make this school life an enjoyable period of their entire life. In our school, we provide an environment where all the pupils are encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential. Education provides us knowledge about the world around us and helps us to use that knowledge wisely. It is a shared loyalty and fidelity in between the dedicated teachers, hardworking students and supportive parents. In this school our instructors and governors are committed towards the formation of foundation of knowledge for the future generation. The Staff of this school are dedicated, trained and knowledgeable. All the pupils of this school will be challenged and supported to achieve across the full breadth of our existing and formal curriculum.


Our School’s Vision is completely in conformity with our School’s slogan: “A Foundation for a Better Future, Better Life”. Our clear vision is to provide quality education in the best way so that the given education can reflect through the personality traits of the students. We try to make our students more and more aware of the social evils around them, and tutelage them to extract goods from the humanity around them. We believe that education is the thing that builds the foundation of a nation and it is also a means to enlighten a society from the darkness of illiteracy. Our School aims at formation of our students imaginative, affective and creative dimensions of their intellect. With a passion towards global learning, we follow a systematic and streamlined programmed learning approach that leads to potential and positive impacts on student educational outcomes. Thus our pedagogy is totally in conformity with the best processes of knowledge creation as well as the self-fulfillment of the students.


In St. Xavier’s World School, our mission is to provide quality education to the students and furnish their personality so that they can grow in all walks of life. Our School provides International exposure, education in a contemporary and worldwide way and strong networking program that will enable all students to reach their highest level of academic success. We help our students to synchronize with rest of the developed world. Our institution provides not only education but also every means of personality development to the students so that they can develop their intellectual strength as well as stir their soul and sprit in a safe, challenging and respectful way.

St. Xavier’s World School is to be affiliated by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, a board of national acceptance. C.B.S.E. board promotes a vigorous, flamboyant, vibrant and all-encompassing school education that helps the students to grow in all walks of life and ensures their success in all their future endeavors. The board helps the learners to develop their intellectual, social and cultural abilities. It seeks to promote the education system in such a way that the current learners can very easily dominate the knowledge world in the coming days.

Primary And Middle Classes

Primary and Secondary section extends from class I to class VIII. A children having a minimum completed age of 6 years can get admitted in class I. The school timing for this section is from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Schools follow 6 days in a week. In Primary and Middle section, overall personality development of the students are promoted beside the academics. Here our teachers play the role of not only an educator but also a trainer to the students who work as the facilitators for group discussions, debates, art and craft , hand-on activities and most inevitably communication development program of the students.


The Kindergarten starts from Nursery and continues upto U.K.G. and admits the children aged 3 years and above. Kindergarten follows 5 days in week. We believe that Kindergarten is the stage where the foundation of a child’s future is built. Kindergarten program plays an important role for the children, as it helps them to grow emotionally, physically and mentally in a recommended way. It is the gateway for the student to enter into the sphere of personality developments. Kindergarten takes an important role in the overall development of children because here the children get training on manners and communication as early as possible. Kindergarten program has been utilized by a lots of parents, who are both busy in life and to provide a good area of growth for their children.

Outdoor Learning Curriculum

In St. Xavier’s World School, we believe that outdoor learning is an important part of a good childhood and also important in raising standards within the school. We have embarked on a programme to develop exiting outdoor spaces that can be used throughout the school day, including an outdoor classroom, wild-life areas, raised beds for planning vegetables etc. Teachers are able to use the extensive grounds to integrate outdoor learning within their topic plans right across the curriculum. School teachers work closely with children when developing the new play areas and children’s enjoyment is reflected in their good attendance and behaviour.

Extra-curricular Activities

In St. Xavier’s World School we aim to maximise every child’s sporting potential through the provision of a variety of sporting opportunities. The school have impressive sporting facilities. Further opportunities are available for the children to develop other interests in dance and drama, music with school choir, art and craft like pottery, painting etc. Beside this the school runs successful environment and gardening clubs which use the school grounds to enhance learning and enjoyment.

Academic Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to suit the age, interests and abilities of every child. In St. Xavier’s World School, C.B.S.E. curriculum is followed. We follow the continuous and comprehensive evaluation pattern of C.B.S.E. Board. In empirical terms, it may be considered as the sum total of a planned set of pedagogical attributes allotted to the learners by a school. Our curriculum encompasses effective pedagogical practices, cultural learning operations, promotion of physical fitness and the personality development programs of the students.

We follow the following syllabus pattern
Syllabus for Class I to V:-

1. Hindi

2. English

3. Maths

4. Science

5. Environmental Studies.

6. Computer

7. General Knowledge

Syllabus for Class VI to VIII:-

1. Hindi

2. English

3. Maths

4. Science

5. Social Science

6. Computer

7. Sanskrit

8. General Knowledge

Admission Rules

At the beginning of every academic session, fresh students are admitted in various classes. Students have to contain the following documents for admissions:

1. Application Form.

2. Birth Certificate.

3. Previous Class Mark sheet (for Class II to Class VIII students).

4. Transfer Certificate (for Class II to Class VIII students).

5. 3 copy Passport size photographs.

Note: Candidates must borrow all the original documents for verification and 2 set of Xerox copy of the required documents for submission.

Admission Procedure:

Admission procedure for new students consists of:-

1. For Nursery: Oral test.

2. For Class I to Class VIII: written test and personality

Note: Candidates have to fill up and submit the application form along with documents before the written and personality test.


Fee Structure

S. No. Classes Tuition Fee (Monthly) Annual Fee (Library/Sports
Admission Fee (One Time)
1 I to III 1150.00 2500.00 2000.00
2 IV to V 1250.00 3000.00 2500.00
3 VI TO VIII 1300.00 3500.00 2500.00

Visit Our St. Xavier’s World School

St. Xavier’s World School ofit Society presently chaired by Mr. SANJAYKUMAR SINGH. It is governed by eminent educationists, industrialists and social workers. The management does not discriminate between students on grounds of religion, caste, creed or social background. In fact, it is solely committed to providing quality education to as many students as it possibly can.

Academic Facilities

St. Xavier’s World School is an institution that plans it's academic programs in such a way that the pedagogy process can operate in an unwrinkled manner. To achieve the goal of intellectual development of the students several academic facilities are provided to the students, like

1. Education with the help of digital aids and tools i.e. E-Learning.

2. Smart and high-tech classrooms.

3. Experienced faculties having high qualifications.

4. Communication development program.

5. Weekly international virtual classes.

6. Library where anyone can find himself or herself moving from the 16th century to the 21st century.

7. Composite Laboratory ( for Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Geography)

8. Computer Laboratory.

9. Analytical Skills Development Program.

10. Seminar Hall

Non-Academic Facilities

In St. Xavier’s World School, beside various academic goals, non-academic activities are also given prominence. Our campus also includes :

1. Playgrounds including football field and basketball court.

2. Medical house and regular checkup facilities.

3. Musical instruments ( both Indian and Western).

4. Hall rooms for dance classes.

Transportation Facilities

Our school also incorporates transportation facilities for students.


Explore our state of the art facility with cameras in every class that parents can watch online.

Certified Teachers

Our exceptional staff is here to provide guidance and support for your child.

Small Class Size

Small teacher to student ratios ensures your child receives individualized attention.

Safety First

Cameras in every room & a key code access control system, safety is a top priority.


Find indoor and outdoor games and activities that will challenge and develop your child's creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills. Search our Activities Center for more great ideas for all ages.

St. Xavier’s World School

( Vill/Post:- Pattinarendrapur District: Jaunpur (UP) INDIA U.P 223102 )

Sl.No. Name Designation
1 Mrs. Mira Singh Principal
2 Mr. Senson Jose TGT(English)
3 Mr. Upendra kr. Singh TGT(Hindi)
4 Mr. Satish kr. Singh TGT(Science)
5 Mr. Vishwa Deepak Singh TGT(Maths)
6 Mr. Shyam Sundar Singh TGT(S.St.)
7 Mr. Manish Rai PRT(Computer)
8 Mr. Sunil kr. Rajak PRT
9 Mrs. Anita Singh PRT
10 Mr. Avinash Singh PRT
11 Mrs. Shivani Singh PRT
12 Mrs. Neha Singh PRT
13 Mrs. Baby Singh PRT
14 Mr. Natesh Kr. Kharvar Counsellor
15 Mr. Vimal Kumar Special Educator
16 Mr. Pradeep kr. Kannaujiya PTI
17 Mr. Mahendra Kumar Librarian
18 Mr. Azara Sadakat PRT
19 Mrs. Diksha Mishra TGT
20 Mrs. Shraddha Singh PRT
21 Mr. Rohit Pal TGT

Our staff consists of an Owner/Co-Director, Co-Director, Full-Time Lead Teachers, and Teachers Helpers. Each of our staff members has knowledge of Early Childhood Education and Development, a love of children, and a strong desire to enrich the learning experience of your child. All St. Xavier’s World School staff members participate in on-going training programs supplemented with specialized workshops. Certified Teachers makeup our exceptional staff. They are here to provide guidance and support for your child. Small teacher to student ratios at St. Xavier’s World School Childcare ensures your child receives individualized attention. Click on the pictures below to read our teacher/staff bios and learn more about why St. Xavier’s World School is the place for your child.

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